Paid social advertising takes valuable social activity and amplifies it massively to an audience that can see and interact with your social and website content.


Your social media activity represents the most visible reflection of your business and its relationship with your customers. It provides some of the most valuable engagements with your audience, which is why more and more businesses are choosing to invest in it over other channels.

Paid social media advertising takes this valuable social activity and amplifies it massively to an expansive audience that will see and interact with your social and website content. Compared to organic social media engagement, paid social offers advantages in exposure, targeting, analysis, scale, and eventual ROI that make it essentially a no-brainer.

In the modern social landscape, with organic reach shrinking, and brands being required more than ever to engage in paid media campaigns, the main benefit is that paid social can cover almost the entire funnel if your targeting is done right.


With interest, behavior and competitor targeting, paid social offers you the ability to scale your efforts but keep your customer profile in focus at all times.

By creating look-alike or similar audiences using your CRM data you will reach new users who look a lot like your customers.

Paid social activity can be ran across a wide range of your social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube, and it covers a diverse range of content types.

With this collection of options paid social becomes an effective tool to target your users at all stages of the sales funnel, whether your business's objective is to build brand awareness by driving blog traffic or a direct response campaign.

Paid Social


Extend your reach

Social platforms are constantly making changes to their algorithm that impacts the reach and visibility of your content. A co-ordinated paid social campaign enables you to consistently amplify your message to your target audience and also connect with those who have an interest in your content but may not as of yet be familiar with your brand or service offering.

Connect with your audience

Social platform targeting enables you to put your message in front of that ideal candidate for your product or service. Using, like, interests, demographic and location data you can target potential customers that are a perfect fit for your offering.

Re-Engage Visitors

Social networks can be the ideal platform to re-engage with visitors to you website. Using targeted messaging to specific audiences groupings to re-engage through promotional offers, direct response campaigns or aim to continue to promote your brand.

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