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Dublin based Adwords advertising agency helping businesses reach, engage and convert new customers with best in class PPC campaigns


As Google and Bing are the first place that your customers go to discover, learn and purchase, PPC is your first choice for growing your business.

A smart strategy that is executed well can help you find new customers, generate revenue, and grow your business. However, without these, you can miss opportunities and waste your advertising budget. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing customers are looking for your business but can’t find you. That’s why it’s important to use a Google certified team of PPC experts with a track record of delivering the best results.


We retain 95% of our clients year on year. Our clients choose us because of our experience, our approach, and our level of service, but they stay with us because of their results.

For example, a top five Irish bank who came to us from a well respected agency had grown frustrated with PPC and questioned its value soon became advocates when they achieved:


More Qualified Visitors


Increase in Mortgage Appointments


Reduction in Cost per Conversion


We rely on a blend of data and experience to run successful PPC campaigns. Data is in no short supply as we track and measure valuable actions from search query to sale.

Our experienced PPC managers use their valuable experience to extract insights from the data which gives us the confidence to make smart decisions when growing your business.

We’re a Google certified agency. That means Google likes what we do and the way we do it. It trusts us to manage it’s customers campaigns because it knows we’ll always apply best practices and always focus on the best outcome for you.


You can’t be great at PPC if you don’t enjoy it.

Our passion for PPC comes from our people, who love what they do. We find enjoyment in reaching the right person at the right time, increasing CTRs and reducing CPCs, finding valuable keywords and nailing bad ones, and creating easy to read reports that show you the next move.

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We research your business, your competitors, and the market to create a PPC strategy that that targets your objectives.

Our approach to PPC is performance based, so we agree KPIs and targets that are in line with your business priorities. These could include cost per lead, cost per sale, or any valuable metric. We then work backwards to understand what numbers we need to hit in order to reach our targets.



We take a data driven approach to keyword research and use multiple tools and sources to generate high quality, extensive keyword lists for your account. We segment the keywords for relevancy and use restrictive match types that increase accuracy lower costs. We also get a head start by applying custom negative keyword lists from the start reduce waste.

We structure your PPC accounts to reflect your business offerings and in a way that makes sense to you. We also use our expertise to build accounts which allow for tactical budget management and scalability. This means you get better insights, can optimise more effectively, and your account can grow with your business.

We are creative and skilled copywriters who know a thing or two about getting your ad noticed. We write ads that focus on user intent, so they are always relevant. These ads reflect your brand, and the focus of the landing page to ensure great click through rates, which are absolutely key to lower cost per click and more valuable visitors.



We optimise the performance of the PPC towards agreed targets. This takes the form of daily performance checks, examining run-rates, and making appropriate changes to budgets, bids, keywords and ads.

You want to grow your business and your PPC activity can help you do that. To strategically grow your business we outline PPC objectives and agree tasks to be completed each month which will contribute towards reaching these objectives. This could mean adding remarketing, integrating with Salesforce, or expanding your campaigns to a new territory. The impact of the tasks are evaluated the following month and further tasks are agreed, repeating the process and each time improving performance and growing the business.

As well as using our own brains we use Google’s brains too. Google’s artificial intelligence system uses predictive analysis and smart bidding options. We use this to better place your ad in front of those searchers most likely to be click on your ad.



Comprehensive tracking and reporting of your PPC performance is important. It’s even more important to have actionable insights that can improve your performance.

We use Google Adwords and Analytics to track the performance of your campaigns and to track valuable behaviour on your site.

This provides you with a wealth of data – much of which is overwhelming. Based on your business objectives we focus primarily on the data that is most important to you. This means you get insights that drive the growth of your business and illustrate your return on ad spend.


"These guys are total experts and we consider them very much an extended part of our team. They have added so much value and are an incredible, cost effective resource for us to deliver new customers for the service."

Ciara Roca – Marketing Director, CBC


Want to talk more about PPC? We’re happy to chat.