Content Creation

Your content should always have a purpose. Not only should it be relevant, and valuable to the customer, but it should be aligned with your business objectives at each stage of the funnel


Brands have a new-found appreciation for content outside of media placement, and realise that there are two big reasons why building a quality content strategy is important.

One, it is fast becoming one of the core elements of SEO, and today, getting found through search engines has more to do with amazing online storytelling than almost anything else, and secondly, a strong content strategy provides support for all your paid media activities.

If your paid media activity is feeding the funnel, your content is what sets you apart from competitors in the middle phase of the funnel, setting your brand up as a subject matter expert.


Content has evolved rapidly in the last few years, and the ways in which people consume content is changing all the time. Visual content is now driving higher engagement metrics than written content, and publishing to social channels has been slowly eating into blogs and websites. With this in mind, it is vital for any business to understand exactly what content formats and what platforms they need to be producing content for.

One of the most time consuming activities for marketing teams is creating and producing quality content. This is because creating strong, engaging content is not something you can throw together overnight, instead it requires extensive research and planning. Content creation isn't just about long-form articles. It can mean video, audio, articles, interviews, infographics, slide decks, commentary, reviews, and more.

Content that drives engagement

We work with our clients on developing a full content strategy that aligns with business objectives, highlighting the biggest content opportunities and tracking it's performance over time. We also assist clients on producing engaging written, visual content, across a number of formats:

  • - On-site Content
  • - Blog Content
  • - Whitepapers
  • - Video
  • - Infographics
  • - Email


Content Ideation

What happens next? How can you take advantage of opportunities that are just beyond the horizon but are going to be of great importance for your audience. We specialise in finding this next, using a blend of social and search analytical platform data to identify topics that are of relevance to your audience that can garner a foothold through search and social platforms.

Content Strategy

Planning the right content areas, format, distribution, promotion of content requires long term strategic planning that is crucial to the marketing efforts of a business. We provide a managed process to map campaign, brand, knowledge base and evergreen content production into a co-ordinated distribution and promotion effort.

Content Analysis

Many businesses realise the importance of content to their sales and marketing and marketing efforts. However many are also in the dark around the performance and impact this content is having on their business. We provide content audits on social, search and website platforms to determine the value of specific content pieces to your business, what can be moved away from and what areas should be of focus for your commercial success.

Brilliant agency that always go the extra mile. Nothing is an issue & great creative ideas. Delivery times are superb!"

Ciara Roca
Marketing Director, CBC

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